Kristina Cardinal nitsîyikâson. 

Onîhcikiskwâpowin ohci nîya.

Hello! My name is Kristina Cardinal. I am from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation in Northeast Alberta (Canada.) My beading journey began when I first picked up a needle and thread when I was thirteen years old. I taught myself how to bead. My first projects were beaded pieces for my pow-wow regalia, I started small (earrings, hair ties, etc) and worked my way up to larger pieces (moccasins, leggings, capes, etc.) I’ve been beading my own pow-wow regalia since then. We all start somewhere when learning new hobbies, I practiced and perfected my beading techniques over the years. I’ve been beading for almost 20 years.  

As I look back, I never knew the opportunities my beading would endear.

In 2017, I began making & selling beaded earrings on Instagram. I grew my Following & started to build my brand. I was accepting custom orders which I still do to this day. I have monthly sales on my website. Kristina Cardinal Jewelry is available for purchase online & in store.

 Although I am of Indigenous descent, I share my work with everyone of all genders & ethnicities. Let’s practice cultural appreciation. I thank you for supporting native made & not native “inspired.”

Ay Hay
Thank You